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Four Season Lime



Surrounded by emerald leaves, the round golden fruits of this auspicious citrus plant is a yearly favourite for households during the Lunar New Year season. A pot of Four Season Lime is said to help draw in good luck and wealth.

*Red/Gold Cloth (optional)

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Plant Care Tips

  1. Place in bright sheltered areas
  2. Water daily as per below recommended:
  • 1-2ftH, 8” pot: 0.5L
  • 5ftH, 9” pot: 0.5L
  • 3ftH, 10” pot: 0.5L
  • 4ftH, 12” pot: 1L
  • 5ftH, 14” & 60cm pot: 2L
  1. Water around entire soil surface
  2. Avoid water contact on the fruits
  3. Remove any fallen leaves and/ or fruits
  4. Mouldy fruits are generally caused by flies. Apply organic pesticide spray if plant pests are spotted.
  5. Fruits are of ornamental value and not recommended for consumption.

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