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Supply and Install Decoration for 10ft Live Xmas Tree


Getting your Christmas tree is just the beginning, discover a wide range of seasonal decorations to bring that festive cheer!


From beautiful lightings to garlands and ornaments, we help deck our your Christmas tree (according to its height) with our decoration service. Save time and energy and leave the supply and installation to us, just choose your desired density of decoration.


Just need decorations for a one-time event? You can also opt for the rental of the ornaments as well!

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Plant Care Tips

  1. Once home, place your tree in water as soon as possible to keep it hydrated and fresh
  2. Check the tree stand daily to ensure the water level is always above the base of your tree.
  3. Keep your tree away from direct sources of heat including sunlight and heat vents.
  4. Remember to turn off any lights on your Christmas tree before leaving the house or heading off to bed.

Additional Information

Price does not include tree and dismantle service.

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